"Britt made me and my husband immediately comfortable. She anticipted all of my needs, and I felt loved and taken care of. She was the perfect complement to a wonderful birth experience. She was also hugely supportive when we were postpartum, and we will forever be grateful for her kindness and support!" - Corey Glynn, LCSW

"When I think of Britt and her presence during the birth of my daughter I am amazed by her resolve and stamina- I thought I would be doing all the work but I quickly realized how physically and mentally taxing being a doula must be. Britt helped me through something I could not imagine and when I was tired and scared she loved me and cared for me and stood by me. She helped me in every way possible and did not stop caring for me after the baby was born. I remember her getting me a drink afterward and thinking - she hasn't left yet?! She must have been exhausted but never showed it- she just kept caring for me and my husband. I can't wait until the day I can tell my daughter about the day she was born and the special woman who helped bring her into this world." - Stacy

"The definition of a doula describes Britt, but fails to include the passion and commitment she has for women and childbirth. The labor of my son was difficult and arrhythmic causing me to make decisions I did NOT want to make. Britt was a positive force every step of the way. I had a vision of an un-medicated, normal birth but learned from her that it is not always about that. Labor is about empowerment; finding your strength and confidence from the experience and learning to sacrifice and surrender along the way. Without Britt, I would not know this. She has given me the ability to look back on my birth experience with fondness, but most importantly, wisdom. I am forever in her debt." - Nikki and Mark

"I would like to send a huge thank you to Britt for not only supporting me through labor, but being a great support and coach to my husband and making him feel comfortable. I feel my water birth was so peaceful and beautiful because I was surrounded by the right people." - April

"I encourage all of my friends to get a doula. The usual response is 'a what?' I then explain and say you can't have a baby without one!!"- Jackie and Lou

"Britt brings a combination of know-how and a strong ability to read the personalities and situation involved and do what is best for each individual to make their birth experience a positive one. I wouldn't have a baby without Britt's assistance. She was a key part of this wonderful experience for me and my family" - Laura and Nelson

"I called Hummingbird Doulas very late in my second pregnancy as I realized I may need help managing pain in an attempt to have a successful VBAC. I interviewed several doulas but really felt a connection with Britt. She was also a great support to my husband so that he could focus on me. It was like having a good friend with me during my long and arduous labor. After my birth, I felt it extremely helpful to discuss the birth with Britt during the post-partum visit. This discussion helped review all the wonderful things that happened, the anomalies, and fill in the holes of things I may have forgotten in the excitement. I truly feel I had a successful VBAC in part due to Britt. Britt felt like a friend. I may have another baby just so I can hang out with her again!" - Leana and John

"I would have had a very traumatic labor without Britt. Left on our own, my anxiety would have feed off of my husband's creating an intense and stressful situation. Britt established trust with me very quickly when she arrived on the scene. She encouraged me and believed in me. She is an experienced and knowledgeable birthing coach and knew just how to help me at every stage. My husband and I took an eight-week birthing class together, but we still agree that having a doula was the best money we ever spent. I couldn't have done it without Britt. Her professionalism, in every sense, went above and beyond what we expected. - Tiffany

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