The Birth of a Hummingbird

Birth is one of life’s constants: it comes before either death or taxes! When I was six and my sister was born, I was watching the birth wide- eyed as my life changed forever. Years later, after I had my own child, I was invited to my neighbor’s birth. Supporting her through her birth experience changed me in ways that having my own baby hadn’t. I felt like an anchor for her, like I could help her be steady through the storm. The moment her daughter was born I felt my heart swell. I became a doula at the moment that baby took her first breath. I was hooked.

Shortly after beginning my doula journey, I lost our second baby in the middle of the pregnancy. I glimpsed a hummingbird during those blurry days, and they have become symbols of how human contact, no matter how brief, can be life changing. Compassion and love during times of great change have a profound positive impact, and I am honored every time I have the opportunity to provide that crucial care to the women, men, and babies I work with.

I’ve come a long way since the first formative births of my life. After providing doula support to hundreds of families over almost 15 years, I’ve become more awestruck by the power of birth, not less. I am acutely aware of the complex factors that can impact a woman’s birth experience, and hope to humanize a system that can feel impersonal and intimidating. Since childbirth is our very own everyday miracle, we should approach it with excitement instead of fear, and I know that the right support can empower women to give birth on their own terms.

I love my job. When I’m headed to a birth my heart races, but when the baby is born, it sings. Each placenta I’ve handled has been with care and reverence for its former passenger, and for the body that grew it. Mother by mother, birth by birth, the way we start our journey as parents matters. Like a hummingbird, while my contact with families may be relatively brief, I hope to instill it with beauty, meaning, and love. I provide professional, full-spectrum birth services to my clients. No judgment, just support. Less stress, more joy.

~ Britt